Monday, October 6, 2014

Trusting my father.

A few years ago I was in central Auckland with my son and his 10 year old daughter Lily. We were looking for a certain shop and after a long and tiring search we saw it - on the opposite side of the road. Between it and us were unceasing streams of traffic; we were tired and the traffic lights were a long way away. Suddenly there was a slight break in the flow and my son said urgently "Let's go!"and he grabbed Lily's hand and we dashed across the road. When we got to the other side Michael teased Lily "And Lily didn't even look!" "Why should I?" She retorted "When I was holding my father's hand???" That really struck me! How often have I worried and fretted about situations in my life yet I believe God is my Father and he's holding me in his hands. Why couldn't I trust him as my granddaughter trusted her father? I haven't quite managed to have such faith in God's protection as I should but I'm still praying and working on it!

Monday, September 1, 2014


I am at peace now about going to the Parish Mass and no longer yearn so much for the beloved Latin Mass. God's Will be done. We all had surprise at Mass this week though. Fr came on the altar before Mass and showed us the things he had been buying: new vestments, hangings to help us focus on the current season of the Church and a chalice. They were all stunningly beautiful and Father explained that he felt that as a Parish we should honour God by giving him the best we can in our service to Him. He also told us that when we arrive in the Church for Sunday Mass we will smell incense, this is to remind us we have left the everyday world for a while and entered a place of holiness. I feel so blessed by this news and a further blessing is that St Vincent De Paul have a large offering basket for donations of food for the poor in the church foyer and it is often full to overflowing. That too shows a Parish with a caring, loving spirit. God is good and I can trust him to guide my life. As we all can.

Monday, August 18, 2014


How I've neglected my little blog recently. But it's been a time of turmoil for me. After a minor fall when I was in the USA it was discovered I had a very fragile back and the fall fractured several vertabrae. At least I gather that was what happened. Anyway, I have to face the fact thatI have a damaged back and sitting in a church pew is painful for me and kneeling is impossible. So changes have had to be made. I can't go to Latin Mass or daily Mass anymore. I do go to Sunday Mass at my local church which has taken some getting used to. Thankfully there is a padded seat at the very back of the church which I can sit in The congregation at my local church is very multicultural and very relaxed. There dozens of small children milling around constantly and the noise is incredible. But...Our Blessed Lord is there and really that is all that matters. Isn't there something in the Bible about our lives having'seasons'? Well my 'season' now is to learn tolerance and a different kind of love, and to make my own silent space to receive, thank and worship Him at his wonderful gift, the Mass.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sacrificing Lent

I an hardly believe that Lent is almost over! Because of continuing ill health I have been almost unable to go to Mass and so have hardly noticed it IS Lent. And I miss it! I miss quietly saying the Stations of the Cross at St Mary's Church after Mass, I miss the flowerless altars and the purple shrouded statues. I miss the small extra sacrifices we make to remind us of Christ's supreme sacrifice for us, and I miss looking forward eagerly to the joyous celebration of Easter. But if it is God's Will that I must manage without those things this Lent then I've tried to yield them up willingly and with some quiet joy as a very different lenten sacrifice.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

An English Catholic.

Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day and perhaps it is a good day as any to confess to something that I seldom mention; I am, that rare breed, a totally English Catholic. When I was a child I found this very puzzling. Almost all the kids in my class were from Ireland or of Irish stock and so were the teachers. I asked my mother repeatedly about it as I felt very left out, but no, my mother was absolutely sure, we were English. And so things remained until I met Alex. He was, and is, an amateur historian and is half Irish himself. He was fascinated by the idea of an English Catholic with apparently no Irish roots. "How could you be?" he mused "For many centuries it was almost impossible to be a Catholic in England unless you were very wealthy. There were no Churches and no priests." But thanks to the internet he has recently managed to solve the mystery. For many centuries my ancestors were workers on the Estate of a Catholic landowner who insisted that all his workers were Catholics. How the landowner managed to stay onside with the some of the ruling monarchs we don't know but somehow he did. So we don't actually celebrate St Patrick's Day in our family but we will be wearing a rose on St Georges Day!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Missing Anna

I have been thinking that perhaps I should change the name of this blog. I called it "Anna's Song" because even as a child I loved the story of Anna who spent her time in praying in the church. I very much wanted to be like Anna and when I started this blog I was in the habit of praying daily in the church. Even if for some reason I couldn't be present at Mass I always paid a visit to pray in God's house. But things have changed. I cannot at the present time drive and as we don't live withing walking distance of a church I have to rely on Alex to drive me. He's very good at ferrying me around but I can't ask him to take me to church and pick me again up 6 days a week. We both go to Mass on Sundays of course even though Alex isn't a Catholic. So I've narrowed it down to the holy hour on Tuesdays and I try to go on one other weekday but I SO miss my daily visits. But hopefully I will be able to drive again soon and then I'll say with the psalm "I rejoiced when they said to me, let's go to God's house..."

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sad News

It seems our Latin Mass may not continue for much longer. Our beloved Fr Tom's eyesight is failing rapidly despite many prayers and he also has other health issues. There are various priests who could and would say the Latin Mass for us but our Bishops have made it clear they will not be given permission to do so. We're praying for a change of heart... God's Will be done.