Monday, October 6, 2014

Trusting my father.

A few years ago I was in central Auckland with my son and his 10 year old daughter Lily. We were looking for a certain shop and after a long and tiring search we saw it - on the opposite side of the road. Between it and us were unceasing streams of traffic; we were tired and the traffic lights were a long way away. Suddenly there was a slight break in the flow and my son said urgently "Let's go!"and he grabbed Lily's hand and we dashed across the road. When we got to the other side Michael teased Lily "And Lily didn't even look!" "Why should I?" She retorted "When I was holding my father's hand???" That really struck me! How often have I worried and fretted about situations in my life yet I believe God is my Father and he's holding me in his hands. Why couldn't I trust him as my granddaughter trusted her father? I haven't quite managed to have such faith in God's protection as I should but I'm still praying and working on it!

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